Presentation at IBM iX New York

We organised a round table discussion on the importance of our online reputation. The  event was held at the high tech offices of IBM iX in New York.


The starting point is the fact that Google has become the new background check.
90% of people Google you before they decide to meet you. And (for them)… you are… who Google says you are.

Some of the questions are:

1. Is your online presence, projecting the image you want?

2. Is your online image showing you as the multi-dimensional person you are? Or is it projecting you as an one-dimensional professional?

3. How to use your online presence as your wingman… to reach your professional and social goals.

Our methodology to create a strong online presence:

1. Look at yourself as a brand, your personal brand… What are your brand values?

2. Create content that will underwrite your brand values.
Write your story. Make pictures. Create a short video.

3. Publish the content in a blog (WordPress) and on your LinkedIn.

4. Share the content in your social media. (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn post)

5. Start again at step 2 on a regular base, to keep your online image update and relevant.

Speakers at the meeting:

Anouk Pappers – Brand Anthropologist
Maarten Schäfer – Inspirational speaker, Author ‘Around the World in 80 Brands’

CoolBrands is a multinational branding company with over 10 years of experience in creating and ‘packaging’ profiles for highly successful corporations and for C-Suite executives that are transitioning to a stage where broader market exposure is essential to ongoing success.

The creation of their competitive reputation product came about from corporations and individuals realizing that a strong digital profile is the difference between propelling and impeding corporate and individual expansion.

Maarten Schafer - Inspirational Speaker - Reputation Economy - Online reputation - CoolBrands People - IBM iX

Maarten Schafer – Inspirational Speaker – Reputation Economy – Online reputation – CoolBrands People – IBM iX

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