Paris – The culture of strolling

We’re enjoying a break on a small terrace in Paris’s Marais neighbourhood, sipping a café au lait and watching stylish people walk by.

“This city is amazing,” I remark, “each neighbourhood has a unique feel to it.

What a difference between the small-scale boutiques here and the department stores in the Hausmann area. Not to mention the top brand stores based at Avenue Montaigne!”

Paris - The culture of strolling

Paris – The culture of strolling

Mmm, by the way, where did that elegant Parisienne get that outfit? I ask myself.

After a late lunch, we walk down the fashionable rue des Franc Bourgeois, approaching Centre Georges Pompidou – the modern art museum that is a work of art in itself. Maarten is determined to revisit his favourite Picassos.

As for me, a museum visit would distract me way too much from that dress I cannot get out of my mind. How can I convince him to come with me? I wonder. Let’s try a game.

“Maarten, here we go, let’s toss and see who wins. If I win, get over your endless cultural desires.”

He now looks quite angry at me, glancing in the direction of the museum.

As if he is going to visit his Picassos without me! Finally, he takes the challenge. I let him throw the coin…

That evening, I more than happily put on my brand-new purple Valentino dress, found at Avenue Montaigne…

What more can a man ask for? A stylish woman at his side to attend a special reprise of the 100-year-old Parade by the Ballets Russes, at the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées. Maarten is all the more happy because the cubist costumes and set were once designed by his other idol… Pablo Picasso.


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